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Gute Vingård AB is one of the biggest commercial vineyard in Europe (EU) with the most Nordic location, at the island of Gotland in Sweden.

The founder Lauri Pappinen, did after several years of experimenting, the first commercial planting in April year 2000. This first part was of 2,5 ha. In 2001 and 2002 additional area was planted using a planting machine from the company Clemens from Germany.

Today the vineyard is about 3 ha with appr. 10.000 plants. The vineyard is planted with varieties as Solaris, Rondo and Phoenix. The island of Gotland has a different climate compared to the mainland of Sweden, that gives this island a unique possibility to have a vineyard.

In 2001 the company became public with an extended board of directors.

In 2002 a complete winery was installed with support of the company Clemens Machinenfabrik in Germany. The same year a distillery was installed from the company Arnold Holstein in Germany.

The first harvest was about 500 kg in october 2002 and this wine was released in summer 2003. A nice year can give us around 8.000 – 10.000 liter of wine.

The first brandy was produced in end of year 2002. The production from the distillery is in limited volymes and only premium spirit is bottled.

The company also import and resell plants and equipment to the young and growing business of wine makers. Since there was no infrastructure in Sweden this became also a new opportunity for the company for helping other growers.

Some of our products have been exported to Germany and Finland.

Year 2006 in Paris Gutevin Restu Exklusiv (type of grappa) received The Great Gold Medal.

Year 2008 in Salzburg at Destillata, Restu Äppelmyr received a Gold Medal and Restu Österudd and Restu Aroma received each an Silver Medal.

Year 2011 we produced our first nobel late harvest dessert wine (trockenbeerenauslese) from Solaris grapes. This wine was Best in Show, 2013 for wines from Sweden and the wine received 96 points in a competion in Germany 2014.

In year 2008 the company invested in a new building for production of non alcoholic products like vinegear and dressing. This part of busisness have been sold to other company that at moment is a tenant in our premises.

Year 2020 there was made new plantings of wines. The total area is today about 5 ha with about 17.000 plants.

In Sweden there is still a monopoly (Systembolaget) for selling alcohol to consumers. This makes the sales a complicated business.

The Winegrowers Associations and other partners are working for a change from the monopoly system that still reminds of former Soviet Union.

The company is a public company.

Please contact  Björn Janson for more information.

Hantverkstillverkning av vin- och spritdrycker från Gotland